In a Letter to The Youth written in 2013 for the youth of Washington, D.C., Perry talked of his faith and his hope for the youth. And just for the record the homies run prison. When he started taking money for hits nobody was safe. Think of how difficult it mustve been for a child to know their mother was murdered by their father and you dumbasses think hes some super hero or something. One thing about Wayne, he went at whoever. Wayne perry did what he did because everyone knew he was going to blast in broad daylight with a cop car on the corner a block away. . If he had of met up with someone who actually was trained, someone who spent a couple hours a week at a gun club and practiced shooting at moving targets(a REAL soldier) things would of been much different. The fact they were doing illegal crime does not change that. He didnt kill anyone; it has yet to be proven. However, after getting pinched in 1991, he reportedly turned state's evidence, dropping dime on his own organization including Wayne 'Silk' Perry in exchange for a 35-year sentence after . According to police, Silk was legendary for his willingness to kill at will- in broad daylight, up close and personal, in front of the police- it didnt matter if you were on his hit list you could be killed anywhere in front of anyone. Flip to the next page to see Wayne Silk Perrys prison photo, Copyright 2023 BSO Entertainment LLC Nkosi Shaka Zulu El got into criminal life when he was young, putting his first fool in the dirt in 1974 when he was 12 years old. Wayne was the type of dude that if he came up on some kilos, he showed love, breaking it down with all his dudes. Dont be a pussy, bro. Lil Wayne. We dont have gangs. IM REALLY (IF THE INCIDENT IN THE CAR AT THE MALL IS TRUE.) A new photo of Wayne "Silk" Perry in prison has surfaced and he's gone viral over the photo. Whats so cool about a clown ass nigga that put fear into alot of scary ass niggaz hearts by killing ppl and being stupid. I am into the stories of Wayne, Alpo, etc, so that when my son gets older then I can school him on the old school knowledge and guide him away from the streets of today. try to do business with straight shooters meaning honest players, no rip off scammers or druggies or degenerates. Guys like Silk are unpredictable and dangerous thats for sure, but at least people who are true can rely on him to be him regardless. Martinez was 55 years old at the time of his death. No one gives a fuck about this guy. The streets hold a definite respect, a curious awe and a healthy amount of fear for the man they called Silk. With Wayne it was a fear thing. Wayne threw the dude the keys to the bucket and told him to drive the car back around Potomac Gardens. Taking lives is not to be glorified, it should be looked upon as a travesty!Peace Black people. 12 times the size of typing paper. if your a street dealer, dont sell to pregnant women or anyone under 21. trust no one including your mother! Killing is easy with a gun especially when the other person is unarmed or doesn`t see it coming. Perry was known as a close associate of Alpo Martinez before Alpo ultimately snitched on him, resulting in his incarceration. This shit just shows how fucking vweak u dc niggas are, for one motherfucker to be so feared shows yall some fucking sissies, fucking stupid ass nigga! Wayne Perry killed a lot of women. Perry was the bodyguard and enforcer to self-proclaimed Harlem drug lord Alberto Alpo Martinez, who became known for snitching. Joined Nov 20, 2016 Messages 1,816 Reputation 210 Daps 10,128. In 1993, Perry was arrested on first-degree murder and charged with 27 counts, accused of retaliating against a witness,kidnapping, robbery, conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine. The people who watch it comment on the movie or book. Police suspect that Thomas Pitera, a former hitman for the Bonanno crime family, is responsible for over 600 murders as a career killer. The Washington Post described Perry one of the Districts most heinous murderers. No cryin for him boy!!! Once again I, Nkosi Shaka Zulu-EL formerly of the slave name Wayne Anthony Perry-El (The El being the only aspect of that name worthy of my ancestor's magnificence), come to you from the belly of the " powers that be's" -beast, known to the country as ADX. it sounds good to you because you did not really live that life and you obviously were not affected by it. Katlego Maboe bags SABC 1's new show 'Deal or No Deal' hosting gig, Mzansi super proud: "God is faithful", EFFs Julius Malema turns 45, SA wishes him happy revolutionary birthday as he celebrates with Bapedi Queen, Black Coffee's rumoured mlungu girlfriend gets Mzansi's approval after bitter breakup with Enhle Mbali, Groom caught by bride being breastfed by his mother at wedding, netizens shocked by viral TikTok story, Flight attendant fell pregnant and worked for months without a clue, TikTok of maternity journey goes viral. Wayne was a very dangerous man and Im not glorifying him its just a none fact. Funny. Ask Memphis Bleek, Beans and Dame! you had dudes like TITUS, GATOR, MARIO, MARKIE AND A LOT OF OTHER DUDES. Its unreal how many people suffered at the hands of these two fools. Greco is alleged to have murdered over 300 people over the course of his career. The National Crime Syndicate reports that Greco preferred to execute his victims with an AK-47 assault rifle and rarely requested his gang to assist him on hits. If you was supposed to be like that and he had to see you he was gonna knock your head off. They prayed on the week and snuck up on them with a gun even a child can do that. THE INCIDENT ALSO SEEMS CRAZY AS DUDE MUST NOT OF HAD A GUN ON HIM BECAUSE AT THE MINUTE OF BEING SO DISRESPECTED WHY HE WOULDNT HAVE JUST POPPED WAYNES HEAD OFF WHILE THEY ALL IN THE CAR !? Once dubbed the Michael Jordan of the murder game, Wayne Perry is currently incarcerated at the ADX Florence supermax prison in Fremont County, Colorado. Wayne Perry's killer moves were so smooth, leaving witnesses puzzled on how he shot the victim right on the head without them noticing. Being from New Orleans murder is prevalent. During sentencing, the Court noted PERRY's cold-blooded and callous statements about one of the arsonists, as he lay dying in his backyard, seeking medical assistance for the injuries he sustained from the fire PERRY had hired him to . Alas, theyre also often the traducers and ignominious rats! Martinez snitched on Perry. it appears that the only people affected were people in the streets. To make sure that his seeds dont grow up fucked up like these dumb ass Niggas that yall grown ass men are dick ridding about ,Thats a real nigga,and since when its cool to get locked up ,them crackers sitting back laughing at you dumb fucks .The KLAN is not as strong as they once were because brothers like some of you dumb niggas is doing for them.I grew up we respect for not getting bagged.Brothers wake up grow the FUCK UP cause we losing.Bad enough we only make 16% of the national population but 85% of the prison pop whos left to raise the children generational curses SMFH. He doing his time and has to face Judgement. Youre a Internet thug. Yeah politics has a lot to do with the problems that surround my city and my people but we did it to ourselves with drugs and older folks being afraid. Eighty percent of the dudes that fucked with him back then did so out of fear. this guy should have been fucking executed.. when the government had the chance to do it! Sit the fuck down somewhere. Some niggas used to try to feed slim to keep him off they ass. Manny says. Unless you were closely effected by this shit it is a movie or a book. 187s in your organization will bring the rollers and draconian prison sentences -loss of family and loved ones. Rayful was trynna feed dis nicca.he was trynna bait him. When the police and ambulance arrived, Wayne popped back up with a different set of clothes, just to see who was talking to the cops. It seemed Wayne did what he did just because he could. He is survived by his daughter, Chandria Z. Perry, twin granddaughters, Jazmin and Diamon Reid, six siblings, a host of other relatives and friends. I deeply, deeply hate people like him He is EXACTLY what the problem is in the black community.. No glory. If you can use them as tools of motivation to not follow in the footsteps then that is the way to go. Almost seemed like he was trained. Anyone could of hid in the bushes with a hunting rifle and taken this fool out 1 shot. WAYNE 'SILK' PERRY Wayne Perry is a well-known gangster from Washington, D. OBITUARY Perry Wayne Kineard 6 March, 1952 - 23 November, 2013. I have never sold a brick, shot a female in the face or held a block in fear because I might pop off at anytime and anywhere. ALL THESE YOUNG PUNKS NEED TO BE BEATIN WITH A MOTHAFUCKIN LEATHER BELT. I respect those who are courageous enough and strong enough NOT to do, knowing that they cannot truly handle the consequences for their actions their lower self avidly wants to commit, far more than I respect those who do the opposite, for latter are the cowards, he wrote. Wayne was on that extortion time real hard too. wayne silk'' perry died. Alpo got 35 years after he told. Word is Hov isnt too big on loyalty his damn self. Same game, different players. try to do business with straight shooters meaning honest players, no rip off scammers or druggies or degenerates. JAYZ MENTIONED HIM IN HIS SONG, BUT I STILL DONT AND DONT CARE TO KNOW THAT NIGGA. However, he had a little brother killed in a bank in 1979 and a brother called Lop. Wayne "Silk" Perry "Letter to DC Youth" by J.M. In his letter to youth in his Newafrikan77 blog entry, Perry also wrote about honor and dishonor. People feared Silk because he was said to have a lot of humps in the ground. However, much of his personal information is undisclosed. Wayne wouldve murdered his ugly ass back in the day. Lol. If you want to read the rest order the book right now. S848(h) (1) The United States of America, through its counsel, the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, provides notice to I grew up in the time where a lot of dudes in DC wasnt taking no shit from anybody!!!! remember this isnt a game. DC never was completely squeeky clean of nothing congressmans stealing money for worldly possessions and no one really look out for no one in DC witch is now chocolate vanilla swirl city we have to change the cycle Ok for its designed for enslavement of the mind, I am from Brooklyn ny the city that threw punk ass Alpo away. Since then, Perrys son Rockstar Major took to Instagram to post a new photo, giving his pops a shout-out for his birthday. Neither of which represents the true colors of a Black man. During the 1980s and 1990s, Salvatore Gravano worked for notorious mobster John Gotti as one of his hitmen within the Gambino crime family. Wayne Perry has been called the Michael Jordan of the murder game. The obvious is apparent.. Wayne Perry brags about people he killed. . On the 169th Episode Of FlipDaScript on the QuietRoom YouTube channel, hosts DJ G$money and Flip Da Script sat down in September 2020 with Sean Branch (aka Teflon Sean). I dont think anybody feared his ass. A ninth-degree black belt in karate and known killing machine, Pitera instilled fear in many Italian mobsters. He dont get another chance !! THAT PUNK ASS ARTICLE GLORIFIES HIM AND IT IS A SHAME. Then you want some sort of closure. It didnt take him long to get involved in the criminal world. i was born in 1988. the only things i know of alpo and wayne perry is stories of the past. the sentencing is far more severe than committing a 187-homocide-murder. Alpo Martinez is a notorious former New York drug dealer whose death is being widely reported on social media and various online sites, such as AllHipHop, which say that he was shot and killed in . No one is immune, but some dudes are among the elite and only cats who talk the game cant see that.. Be aware about who name you let roll of your tongue .. Its a lot of bitch as niggas, hiding behind their computers, talking shit on here about DC niggas being weak. Whos behind the cat that was that was hitting them with them keys? They living in infamy dumbass they dont have to run shit there street legends which is better than being a internet punk talking shit like u lol!!!!!! Silk was cool and calculating but he also fortified his bourgeoning reputation as the most feared man in D.C. with sporadic outbursts of violence that seemed to come out of nowhere with no rhyme or reason. However, before his ultimate downfall,. It didnt take him long to get involved in the criminal world. That man is a whole different person today. Even MS-13, Bloods and Crips dont come to certain areas of DC even today. Smart Policies are as low as $30 a month, No Medical Exam Required during slim days this was rare and he was one of a kind. Im saddened by these comments of some of you ignorant aholes. Shots go out to SE & the whole city! - This guy was just a fucking low life who had (and has) no respect for anybody else Its a god damn shame that people glorify this sadistic animal! PAY ATTENTION: Follow Briefly News on Twitter and never miss the hottest topics! . im not mentioning this cuz he gay its a . He had people fronting him kilos of coke. ALL THESE YOUNG NIGGAS ARE BITCHES IF YOU TAKE AWAY THE GUNS. He killed all black people and you glorify that dude. His team would go all out for him. I completely agree! Niggas didnt want to be on his shit list. Manny says. Yep. Speak like a king and you get treated like one. Murder, robbery, drug dealing and extortion were said to be his business and he took it seriously. I had a spot over Southwest on Orange Street. The man still got 35 years! The murder of former drug kingpin Alberto " Alpo " Martinez this past Sunday (Oct. 31) in Harlem has sent shockwaves through the Hip-Hop community and streets of New York, where Martinez made his. Yes. He wasnt talking, it wasnt no playing when it came to putting that work in, plus he had some serious killers on his team. E says. Alpo Wow !shouldve stayed his ass up Newyork and faced that Richard porter murdered but he ran down to dc and messed our city up bad . The walls were closing in on Perry in the 1990s and the FBI was watching at him. Anthony eliminated witnesses, disloyal gang members, and rival drug dealers who threatened Alpos drug business in any way. Perry claimed to have been involved in as many as 100 murders, many targeting witnesses who dared to cooperate with law enforcement. Wayne was just one of those Niggas that was out there with his. I respect him for what he accomplished in the 80s at his age. No different than the white boys in suits that scam grandmas out of their retirement. Alpo is a NewYork Nigga not from Dc DC Dudes do whatever. Perrys reign came to an end in 1993 when police arrested him on several first-degree murder charges related to his alleged involvement in the deaths of eight people. Many reports allege Siegel is responsible for over 30 murders, but no one knows the exact number. How many of the people he murdered were better men than his boss? He was omar. Niggas was talking about it was a hit man in town from Detroit somewhere, a dude from the era says. Silk was a master philosopher when it came to that street shit. In today's video i will be discussing the rumor of Wayne Perry being gay or bisexual. The man wouldnt take a plea because he didnt want to put no one else in jeopardy!! Then Silk acted like he found out I was squeezing the nigga and told the nigga that he would get me to leave him alone for 50 Gs. The stories in itself are interesting but I think the glorification of it is very troubling especially within the urban youth! However, the former hitmen received an early release in 2017, and continues to speak publicly about his mobster life. Jan 14, 2018 #34 DoomzdayzV said: 'It was the best night of my life. BSO Entertainment; Sports; Keep That Same Energy Podcast; Contact BSO. He is survived by his daughter, Wendy Altodonna; and by his son, Kenneth Wayne Perry, Jr. Wayne Perry is one of the most high-profile killers of the time. I had no clue he was that crucial, I knew he hustled and I knew he was in the streets, but dayum. No, not alpo. They were a bunch of youngsters, and in their eyes Silk was a god. If we had 7 million like new York or a super large city wed have almost 5,000! youre comparing two different eras. Snitches didnt make to court and the National Guard took over the city when things got totally outta hand because the crooked DC cops didnt give a damn. and if you havent noticed D.C. Miami, L.A. Harlem and most other major urban cities seemed to have a cok/crack epiemic at the same tme so you had an all star cast of these people.
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