. This unique experience teaches students to holistically connect all aspects of their UM life including coursework, co-curricular activities, and community to make a lasting difference in the world. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to work alongside world-renowned faculty in state-of-the -art facilities on real-world projects that impact our society and future. Designed a nano-probe for intracellular sensing with an electro-optomechanical system for the probe positioning and manipulation, and a custom interface with a fluorescence microscope. Research Interests: Accelerating deployments of CO2-utilization technologies that will innovate existing infrastructure and manufacturing processes, thereby finding sustainable solutions to help address the climate crisis. Jun 2021 - Aug 20221 year 3 months. Ann Arbor MI 48109 8 /10 . Michigan Robotics aims to create a collaborative community of roboticists, where through mutual respect, integrity in action, and transparency in thought, we accelerate socially beneficial advances in robotics. Previous Events. Deni KUSUMA | Cited by 1 | of State University of Malang, Malang (UM) | Read 3 publications | Contact Deni KUSUMA Such assistive devices include lower and upper limb prosthesis, orthoses for diabetes partial foot amputees, ankle-foot orthoses for stroke patients. This project will analyze an example production process and how its success will depend on the availability of suitable policy support. Prof. Kira Barton (bartonkl@umich.edu) received her B.S. ME x90 (290, 390, 490) are individual or group project work where students apply mechanical engineering principles to research, innovation, service or entrepreneurship projects. This project will focus on the design and testing of a lab-scale reactor prototype to see how system parameters impact the performance of the salts. Research Interests: Dr. Vermillions interests lie in the application of optimal control and design optimization tools to cutting-edge problems in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Tim Manganello/BorgWarner Department Chair, Mechanical Engineering. Specific research topics include. Mechanical Engineering 2023 SURE Research Projects - SURE SURE > Mechanical Engineering 2023 SURE Research Projects Contact Mary Saah Executive Assistant Office of Student Affairs maryms@umich.edu (734) 647-7118 143 Chrysler Center Mechanical Engineering 2023 SURE Research Projects ME Project #1: Dynamics of Piezoelectric Microsystems Mechanical Engineering. Interaction of business, product, and process in engineering systems. Computational optimal synthesis of structural assemblies. Research Interests: Structural dynamics and controls, including the emerging areas of intelligent structural & material systems harnessing origami dynamics, reconfigurable metamaterials/metastructures, and mechano-intelligence, with applications in vibration & noise controls, wave manipulation & steering, vibration energy harvesting, structural health monitoring, and vehicle & robotic system dynamics. For general questions, please feel free to contact us at SUREprogram@umich.edu Contact Mary Saah Executive Assistant Office of Student Affairs . Research Interests: Development of computational models for turbulent reacting flows with application to aircraft and scramjet engines, stationary power generation, and synthesis of novel materials. Research Interests: Stem Cell Bioengineering, Developmental Bioengineering, Mechanobiology, and BioMEMS, Research Investigator, Mechanical Engineering. Present research focus is on lightweight structures for land, sea and air transportation applications. Outreach Working to provide the research, of NSF and the ERC/RMS, to communities beyond our own, the ERC has nurtured growth in three areas of outreach: (1) College-level, (2) Grades K-12, and (3) the Community. Contact: syadaval@umich.edu. Research Interests: Optofluidics; Functional Nanomaterials; Bioinspired Active Optical System; Solar Optics Based Active Panel for Energy Harvesting and Storage: Integrated Molecular Detection System. Create smart machines. Research Professor, Mechanical Engineering. Access the standard (s) you need based on the issuing agency: Applications of controls to manufacturing systems. Explore BME Research. Research Interests: Combustion, focusing primarily on automotive engines. 1221 Beal Ave. Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2102 Research Interests: Inertial sensing, sensor data fusion, Kalman filtering, localization, biomechanics, and human gait analysis, Research Interests: Manufacturing Automation: with key applications in additive manufacturing (or 3-D printing), nano-positioning, machining, distributed manufacturing, and smart manufacturing systems, Research Interests: Micro-mechatronic systems for endoscopic imaging; micro-robotic systems for manipulation and autonomous locomotion; identification of physiological feedback systems using novel sensing technologies; modeling, system identification, and state estimation for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), Research Interests: Nonlinear dynamics and control, time delay systems, connected and automated vehicles, traffic flow, Research Interests: Fracture and failure of materials, fatigue testing and modeling, constitutive laws for porous and pressure-sensitive materials, sheet metal forming, crankshaft fillet rolling and residual stresses, rolling modeling and fatigue, modeling/testing of fusion welds, solid state welds and mechanical joints, modeling/testing of deformation behavior of lithium-ion battery. Research Interests: Polymer-based photonic sensors and photoacoustics, organic and hybrid photovoltaics and photodetectors, flexible transparent conductors, nanophotonics & structural colors, nanomanufacturing technologies and applications. Research Interests: Design optimization; large scale system synthesis; automotive systems design, including hybrid vehicles; eco-design; product design. Mechanical Design and Electrical Packaging for Server Racks and Power Distribution Systems: Common Platform Power Box . Michigan Mechanical Engineering is home to four fully-funded, world-class centers. Please visit the, Transferring Credit from Another Institution, Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, Office of the Vice President for Communications. When you have one of the world's best medical schools and the hub of a major university medical system literally across the street from a top engineering school, amazing things happen. Students can participate in a RISE project a) individually with an ME professor, b) as a member of a larger multi-disciplinary project, or c) through their co-curricular experiences across the University (e.g. Searching for Standards - Mechanical Engineering Capstone - Research Guides at University of Michigan Library Mechanical Engineering Capstone Getting Standards from the Art, Architecture & Engineering Library How Do I Get a Copy of a Standard in the Art, Architecture & Engineering Library? Maria Comninou Professor Emerita, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Experienced Engineering Group Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry. Research Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering. 2350 Hayward Design theory and methodology. University of Michigan, BSE Biomedical Engineering, 2015 Career Summary I started doing research when I was a freshman at UM through the UROP project and continued in the lab I was in through my second year. Ultimately, we want to develop synthetic cells that can sense mechanical forces to trigger release of small molecules. Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering rhimacol@umich.edu Research Interests: My research is focused on investigation 2 key areas of manipulating cell behavior for cartilage tissue regeneration: 1) genetic reprogramming of cells; and 2) cell-matrix interactions. Over 360 million people worldwide and 30 million people in the US suffer from significant hearing loss (loss that affects their daily life), and auditory prostheses (hearing aids and cochlear implants) make a significant difference in peoples lives. Departments & programs. Research Interests: Robotics, Manufacturing, and Medical device implementation. Research Interests: Lecturer with a focus in teaching dynamics and controls. GM/U-M Institute of Automotive Research and Education Our top ranked departments and programs are home to world-class facilities and instructors. dtburke@umich.edu. 10 /10 faculty. Research Interests: Computational mechanics; finite element methods; structural dynamics; flexible multibody dynamics; dynamic response of composites; vehicle dynamics; engineering mechanics education. BLUELab, Multidisciplinary Design Program, International Programs or the College of Engineering Honors Program). Research Interests: Nanotechnology, bionanotechnology, cellular and molecular biomechanics. Research Interests: Heat transfer and fluid mechanics, including fundamentals and manufacturing applications; buoyant and thermocapillary convection; multiphase flows; asymptotic, computational, and experimental methods; alloy solidification theory; laser processing; welding; spray forming; spray coating. The project works closely with the University of Michigan Orthotics and Prosthetics Center (UMOPC) with the goal to develop design and manufacturing methodologies for a new service system for rapid turn-around and high-quality 3D-printing of assistive devices that will have personalized fit and comfort. ft. cleanroom nanofabrication facility. Research Interests: Mechamatronic system design methodology; smart materials and structures, Research Scientist Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering. Research Interests: My research, which focuses on making impactful contributions to the areas of manufacturing and sustainability, considers multiple scales: identifying significant opportunities to cut emissions and/or costs by conducting large scale analyses on processes, factories and material supply chains, and pursuing a rigorous technical analysis in order to capitalize on the opportunities. Developing innovative systems to build high-quality, high-performance products. I have worked for quite a few years in mathematical biology, biophysics and materials physics. Research Interests: Neurobiology of memory and learning, emphasis on spatial learning and aging-driven decline; Behavioral neurogenetics and neuronal basis of behavior; Development of controlled, engineered microenvironments to interrogate the nervous system; Mathematical models of neuronal networks; Locomotion dynamics; Customized 3D printing of hydrogels; Technology (3D printing, microfluidics, nanoparticles) and engineering (image processing, computer vision, data analytics) coupled with neurobiology; Multi-scale dynamics of biological systems, emphasis on neurons and neuronal circuits; Neuronal physiology and calcium dynamics; Cell physiology, signal transduction and stress; Arts/Science integration. SURE offers summer research internships to outstanding current U-M undergraduate students who have completed their sophomore or junior year (preference will be given to those who have completed three years of study) by the time of their internship. 2000 - Heinz Prechter Engineering Complex. Skilled in Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), Continuous Improvement, Team Building . The short list of our greatest strengths includes computing, energy and sustainability, manufacturing, precision medicine, robotics, security and space. Mechanical Engineering (ME) Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME) Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences (NERS) Robotics (Rob) University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) SURE. As part of the team, the student involved will have an opportunity to learn various in vitro biology and imaging techniques. KLA. With over 5 years of experience in the field, Mohammed has developed a . Fees. 10 /10 placement. Impact of fuel properties and kinetics on engine efficiency and emissions. 2350 Hayward University of Michigan. Our students innovate using world-class equipment and help lead our Utilizing integrated skills, students innovate using world-class equipment and help lead our most interesting endeavors with industry-leading researchers. Phone: 313-593-5241. New product design. His research interests include heat and mass transfer, phase-change (evaporation, condensation, freezing), water/fog harvesting, micro/nanoengineering, and fluid-structure interactions. 2000 - Heinz Prechter Engineering Complex. Assistant Research Scientist, Mechanical Engineering. Research Interests: Design research, complex systems design, design of product eco-systems, multi-disciplinary design teams, multi-disciplinary design optimization, modeling of team-based design decision-making, design for emerging markets, socially-engaged design, design for entrepreneurship. NSF Engineering Research Center for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems Developing innovative systems to build high-quality, high-performance products In the current process, the freezing usually starts from a stationary cold plate. D. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. Education: Ph.D. in Materials Engineering, Brown University (2021) B-Tech and M-Tech in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras (2016) Research Focus: Photovoltaics, Solid-state Batteries. Volker Sick, DTE Energy Professor of Advanced Energy Research and Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Mechanical Engineering, has been named Faculty Director at the Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE). Title: Miniaturized Fabry-Perot Polymer Film Ultrasound Sensor for Photoacoustic Endoscope System Date: 03/10/2023 11:00 am Location: BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE RESEARCH BUILDING, ROOM 2515. 2350 Hayward Research Interests: Theory, methodologies and tools for control system integration and optimization, with applications to marine and automotive systems; Connected and automated transportation systems; Renewable energy systems. Preferred Education: 4 Year Degree. Research Interests: My research interests lie in the field of deployable and reconfigurable structural systems. Looking to take another step forward in creating world-changing solutions? The University of Minnesota's first state-of-the-art autonomous research vehicle offers ME researchers new opportunities to study self-driving cars. View on Map. Applications to nonlinear dynamics of elastic cables, nonlinear fluid-structure interaction, DNA supercoiling, sports engineering, MEMS inertial sensor applications, vehicle systems, axially moving materials. On Engineering Village platform, Compendex (Engineering Index) provides international coverage of engineering and appl. Dearborn, MI 48128. . Associate Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering. My work draws upon nonlinear physics, applied mathematics and numerical methods. Research Interests: Microscale heat transfer, especially related to electronic and optoelectronic devices; thermoelectric energy conversion; medical applications of heat transfer. Our faculty and students go after mechanical engineerings toughest challenges, and what they find influences science and changes lives. COLLABORATION. With the passage of the Infrastructure law and the inflation reduction act, the US now has several instruments in place to support the construction and operation of new production plants. Ann Arbor MI 48109 For polymer composites, we are studying the effect of carbon nanotube and graphene additions to polymer composites utilizing electrical and magnetic fields to produce oriented particles for improved mechanical properties. so I ended up getting a masters in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan, focusing on environmental sustainability. Research Interests: Dynamics and control systems, biomechanics of humans. Research Interests: Mechanical design, precision engineering, human-centric design, mechatronic systems, and robotics. Participants have the opportunity to conduct 10-12 weeks of full-time summer research with some of the countrys leading faculty in a wide range of engineering disciplines. 0 0. . Find your fit and pursue your passion. Automotive Research Center Driving new performance and operation technologies for ground vehicles. Mechanical Engineering Dr. Daly studies student and practitioner front-end design approaches and the integration of these more comprehensive skillsets into engineering. and Ph.D. degrees in 2006 and 2010, respectively. The successful candidate will be part of an exploratory research team on patterning for leading-edge devices and systems, participate alongside a global team of . degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2001. 3D printing software invented in ME lab and developed by Ulendo is able to print faster without sacrificing quality. G.G. With incomparable facilities, a great location and long-standing relationships with industry, were uniquely positioned to do research that cant be done anywhere else. BREADTH. 2515 BSRB 109 Zina Pitcher Pl, Ann Arbor, MI. Control of Solid oxide and low temperature PEM fuel cells. 2021 The Regents of the University of Michigan. Research Interests: Impact/Injury Biomechanics: Parametric Human Modeling, Statistical Injury Data Analysis, Cadaver/Volunteer/Dummy Testing - Occupant Protection: Safety equity among diverse populations, Restraint Design Optimization, Rear Seat Occupants, Oblique Impacts, Adaptive Restraint Design, Active and Passive Safety Integration, Tactical Vehicle Safety, Vulnerable Populations, Automated Vehicles, Child Seat Design, Rollover Crashes - Others: Pediatric Fall and Child Abuse, Seat Comfort, Computer Aided Surgery, Research Interests: Manufacturing systems: configuration design, performance analysis (quality, productivity and responsiveness), mass customization. Brown. Mark Burns, Ph.D. Phone: (734) 764-2694, 2021 The Regents of the University of Michigan, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering. Simulations of spark ignited and advanced autoignition combustion modes using 1D models and 3D CFD including large scale parallel simulations. Research Interests: Marine renewable energy (ocean waves, tidal currents, offshore wind), blue economy, energy harvesting, vibration/dynamics and control, mechatronics design, vehicles and transportation, and advanced manufacturing. Research Interests: Mechanical behavior of materials including polymers, elastomers and soft tissue; tissue engineering of tendon and muscle constructs; constitutive modeling of growth, remodeling and functional adaptation in soft tissue; deformation mechanisms in polymers; crystal transformation mechanisms in semi-crystalline polymers; split Hopkinson pressure bar testing of polymers and elastomers for high strain rate applications including crashworthiness in automotive applications. We need to teach that in required engineering coursework, threaded throughout the academic experience, as a practical means of addressing or preventing social problems that materially affect the field and society at large., ALEC D. GALLIMORE, ROBERT J. VLASIC DEAN OF ENGINEERINGIts Time for Engineering to Be Equity-Centered, Insider Higher Ed. The University of Sheffield, Sheffield | UK Advanced Mechanical Engineering MSc. jaam@umich.edu (734) 763-2320 . What do you get when you give some of the brightest and most motivated student minds access to world-class faculty and facilities and present them with extremely difficult problems to solve? Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering. All schools and colleges at U-M actively participate in UROP, so your research possibilities span the breadth of the entire university. Motivating applications range from biomedical (cavitation-bubble dynamics in therapeutic ultrasound or traumatic brain injury) to energy (interfacial instabilities in inertial confinement fusion), from transportation (droplets dynamics in hypersonics, cavitation erosion in naval hydrodynamics) to astrophysics (vortex rings in supernovae).Research Mode: In-Lab, Remote, or Hybrid, ME Project #10: Shape Memory Alloys for Gripping Middle Ear ProsthesesFaculty Mentor: Karl Grosh, grosh@umich.edu, Project Description: The middle ear bones are the smallest bones in the human body (1 millimeter in diameter and ~10 millimeters long). Good engineering department and faculty as well as good research groups. 9 /10 infrastructure. Applications include drug transport, bacterial biofilms control, combustion, ultra-soft materials, and low temperature plasma. 26.95L. Research Interests: Nanoparticle formations and interactions using computational tools (Molecular Dynamics, Machine Learning, Stochastic Solvers), with particular emphasis on biological systems, non-thermal plasma and reactive gas-phase conditions. Feb. 2011-Jan. 20198 Jahre. Product development. Research Interests: Fluid mechanics, including computational fluid dynamics, heat pumps, thermoelectrics, computer modeling. SROP is supported by the Committee on Institutional Cooperation, a consortium of the Big Ten member universities and the University of Chicago. Research Interests: Complex fluids, polymers, fluid mechanics, surfactants, biomolecules, transport theory, rheology, instabilities, constitutive theory. General Timeline:January Application opens and is dueFebruary Applications are reviewedMarch Offers will begin being sent outApril Offers may still be issued during this timeMay SURE Projects may begin, Learn more:https://sure.engin.umich.edu/, ME Project #1: Dynamics of Piezoelectric MicrosystemsFaculty Mentor: Kenn Oldham, oldham@umich.eduPrerequisites: Statics and or dynamics courseworkProject Description: Piezoelectric microsystems are miniature sensors and actuators that convert strain to voltage, and vice versa, in devices just a few millimeters in size. The University of Michigan Department of Mechanical Engineering, 1231 Beal Avenue, 2007 W. E. Lay Automotive Laboratory, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2133 Email: vsick@umich.edu Research Interests: Multiscale simulations of complex systems, nanoparticle growth and self-assembly, nanoparticle interactions with biomolecular systems, applied chemical kinetics, aerosols. Accepted applicants from the University of Michigan receive guidance by a faculty advisor in a College of Engineering research facility, a stipend of $6,000, attend regular meetings and seminars and contribute to an abstract booklet with highlights of their summer research project and/or experience. Engineering is at the forefront of human progress and problem solving. Research Professor, Mechanical Engineering Research Professor, Internal Medicine Research Professor, Institute of Gerontology jaam@umich.edu (734) 763-2320 3443 G.G. Ann Arbor MI 48109 . Research Interests: Mechanics and physics of soft matter; flow and segregation of granular materials, machine learning for disordered solids; Research Interests: Solid mechanics, applied mathematics, and numerical analysis including plasticity; structural optimization; manufacturing process optimization; structural crash worthiness; optional design of wheels; welding. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from King Saud University and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan. Phone: (734) 764-2694, 2021 The Regents of the University of Michigan, Click here to access and submit application, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freeze-casting, Office of the Vice President for Communications. University of Michigan School of Medicine 1241 East Catherine Street Ann Arbor, MI 48109 . Prof. Kira Barton. Research Interests: Control theory and applications; iterative learning control; multi-agent systems; human/robot collaborations; smart manufacturing; manufacturing robotics; high-performance micro/nano-scale printing for electrical and biomedical applications, Research Interests: Current Energy Conversion; Enhancement of High-Damping, High-Reynolds Vortex Induced Vibration; Suppression of Vortex Induced Vibration; Mooring System Dynamics; Structural Redesign and Topology/Material Evolution; Riser and Pipeline Mechanics. After serving on an operational Coast Guard Cutter, I rededicated myself to pursuing my technical education and accepted a position in the USCG Marine Engineering Post Graduate Program, where I attended the University of Michigan and earned dual Master of Science degrees in Naval Architecture and Mechanical Engineering in 2012. (734) 647-3823. ME Associate Professor Ashley Bucsek has received the William N. Findley Award, and ME Associate Professor Neil Dasgupta has won the E. & M. Ulsoy Citation Leader Award. Pioneering advances in manufacturing processes. My specific areas of interest include equitable design processes, design theory & methodology, public health, social equity, and global development. G.G. Some specific problems that I have been thinking about recently are: (1) mathematical models of patterning and morphogenesis in developmental biology, (2) scale bridging using scientific machine learning, (3) using machine learning and graph-based methods to solve partial differential equations, (4) mechano-chemically driven phenomena in materials, such as phase transformations, electro-chemo-thermo-mechanics and the like, motivated by materials for batteries, electronics and structural alloys. Product quality. We share a campus with leaders in business, medical and liberal arts, whose expertise elevates our engineering research. Library Webpages Chemical and physical properties of fuels, alternative fuels, lubricants. The Michigan Institute for Plasma Science and Engineering (MIPSE) brings together teams of plasma researchers to investigate fundamental phenomena and translate advances in plasma science across medicine, manufacturing, microelectronics, medicine, green technologies and space exploration. Interaction between manufacturing process parameters and failure modes. Dr. Tim Bruns is is the Principal Investigator and is a newly tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering.The lab is part of the Biointerfaces Institute at the North Campus Research Complex.Our lab collaborates with and participates in journal club meetings with other labs in the . Research Interests: I am a computational scientist focusing on the development of scientific machine learning and methods for data-driven computational science. ME professor named Faculty Director at the Center for Entrepreneurship, ME professor receives Adhesion Society Award for Excellence, New NAE members developed low-cost surgical device and transformational approach to design, Office of the Vice President for Communications. Contact modeling based on computed tomography (CT) or 3D scanning images will be developed to design the geometry.Research Mode: In-Lab, ME Project #8: Freeze Casting with Improved Thermal ControlFaculty Mentor: Wenda Tan, wendatan@umich.eduPrerequisites: design, manufacturing, mechatronicsProject Description: Freeze casting is a cost-effective way to fabricate directional porous ceramics materials (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freeze-casting). Research Interests: As a materials scientist and engineer with an interest in synthesis, processing, and functionalization of ceramics and hydrogels, his research is highly interdisciplinary guided by the fields of energy storage/conversion and biomedicine. Biomechanics - Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan Home People Biomechanics Carlos Aguilar, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering caguilar@umich.edu 734-764-8557 A10-183 North Campus Research Complex 2800 Plymouth Road Ann Arbor, Mi 48109-2099 NOBEL Lab Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D., MPH Professor, Biomedical Engineering
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