Even though Frank Fontaine is dead, his presence is still felt throughout Rapture. I paid GOOD MONEY for state a' the art weaponry! If you see Suchong, tell him: Atlas says hasn't forgotten 'im.Atlas and Elizabeth strike a bargain. Born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Fontaine came from a family of entertainers. No more grifts, no more scams. Scofield Sansmark, Vox Populi Steinman | Big Sisters | Atlas is the longest con of all. Born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Fontaine came from a family of entertainers. This frightened Fontaine enough that he was willing to sell Gorland his fleet in exchange for enough money to retire safely in Cuba. After Andrew Ryan's demise, Atlas reveals his true persona, the criminal Fontaine, and that his goal was not simply to control Rapture, but to use it and ADAM technology to extend his power to the Surface and become an industrial tycoon. !Fontaine's final given command to Jack before dropping his facade. Ryan sent a clear message when he had Frank Fontaine put down: "It's time all you learned your place." Francois (Frank) Xavier Fontaine in MyHeritage family trees (Hein Web Site) Francois Xavier Fontaine in FamilySearch Family Tree Francois Xavier Fontaine in MyHeritage family . I've got twelve years down here. The picture is entitled "The Fontaine Family," but it is unclear who the people depicted in it might be, since Fontaine told Jack that he never had a wife or . If he's still alive, hit him with Electric Buck from the Shotgun and RPG's from the Grenade Launcher. But if I do this, the girl goes with me.Atlas: Little Sisters are worth their weight in gold. You, me, a submarine topside, and more ADAM than you can possibly imagine.Fontaine challenges Jack after all of his mental conditioning had been reversed. Frank Fontaine(April 19, 1920 - August 4, 1978) was an American stage, radio, film and television comedian, singer and actor. That might be plenty for the working scrubs and the pencil pushers, but I need more, more! [9] He also was heard regularly on The Bob Hope Show on radio. [6] In addition, he was well known for the size of his family: he and his wife Alma had two daughters and nine sons. He was only a voice on the other end of a radio, except for the brief moment during Atlas' "family's" death. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Fact Check: We strive for accuracy and fairness. People born under this sign are clever and charming. Think what you will. The moment one hears incoming Security Bots, cast Security Bullseye on Fontaine. Jack reaches Fontaine in his lair atop Rapture's highest building. We tossed Mother Goose's roost the moment she decided to, "grow a conscience". Prior to "Frank Fontaine's" death, he was the first to protest Ryan's nationalizing of Fontaine's Futuristics. Louie McGraff | Official Sites, View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro, People with the same last names but are NOT related. Nigel Weir | He made his entertainment debut on The Jack Benny Radio Program in April 1950. I ain't losin' this war just because you found yourself a higher bidder! [11], In 1963, he released an album Songs I Sing on The Jackie Gleason Show, with a collection of some of those songs, which reached number one on Billboard magazine's Top LP's chart in 1963. I am an admin of this site. Stanley Poole, Ryan Security and finally he was left in Rapture with no family and the death of all that were close - or could have been close - to him. After Ryan uses the phrase to force Jack to kill him, Atlas comes in and uses the phrase to make Jack use the genetics key to turn off the self-destruct and to give control of Rapture to Fontaine Futuristics, Fontaine then reveals himself to Jack, before abandoning him to be murdered by the Security Bots. It's time to end this little masquerade. You think you got power?! In short, what makes you, you. Take over Rapture through any means necessary. His three years of work in the theater gave him a lasting impression of how to influence an audience through acting and costumes. FONTAINE, Frank E., 85 of Hamilton, passed away on April 9, 2018. He achieves this by tricking people into believing in something greater than themselves, id est Fontaine's "Atlas" persona and has them fight against Andrew Ryan, who for all intents and purposes was a self-made-man. Atlas: Any progress, love? We will continue to update information on Frank Fontaines parents. Fontaine arrived in Rapture sometime in 1948. Rapture was supposed to be different. He'll get out and knock Jack back to the elevator. He had just completed a live stage benefit show, having accepted a check for $25,000 which he planned to donate for heart research, when he collapsed and died. [citation needed]. "Frank Fontaine: Family Man in Big, Loving Way", "Comic Frank Fontaine Dies After Performance. Frank Fontaine did an uncredited appearance in the film 1953 film Scared Stiff, starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Chemical thrower equipped with electric gel is one of the best options for fighting Fontaine in fire form, as it will deal serious damage while stunning Fontaine in the process. [12] Muppet performer Jerry Nelson based the voice of one of his characters, Lew Zealand, off of Fontaine's "Crazy Guggenheim" voice. Currently, Frank Fontaine is 102 years, 9 months and 27 days old. He is a good storyteller and can create characters on the written page with as much ease as he does as the gifted character actor he is. Made Ryan good and mad when I started playing the charity angle. At 58 years old, Frank Fontaine height not available right now. One disguise he mentions to Jack after Ryan is killed: "Hell, once I was even a Chinaman for six months. In BioShock, he was voiced by Greg Baldwin, who also voiced Aku in the final season of Samurai Jack. [Atlas starts hitting the pick each time he lists an aspect of the fonrtal lobe]Atlas: Creativity! Actor Lennie Weinrib imitated the "Crazy Guggenheim" character on The Dick Van Dyke Show episode "The Sam Pomerantz Scandals". Atlas characteristically charmed the masses pretending to be a humble freedom fighter, and by handing out supplies to the poor, telling the disillusioned what they wanted to hear. Andrew Ryan | [to Elizabeth] Now what was that you said about Rapture?Elizabeth: I can get you back to Rapture.Atlas: And how you plan on doin' that, sister? I gotta say, I had a lotta business partners in my life, but you 'Course, the fact that you were genetically conditioned to bark like a cocker spaniel when I said "Would you kindly", might have had something to do with it, but still. Figured it was bad to mix business with pleasure, but WHOOO! There ain't no "Atlas", kid. When you're down in the mouth, and life's a painWeatherman says 'heavy rain'A little boost is all you needAverage Joe to HerculesStronger arm and sharper brainThat's why the future is Fontaine!The jingle for Fontaine's company, Fontaine Futuristics. Discover today's celebrity birthdays and explore famous people who share your birthday. Frank Fontaine (April 19, 1920 August 4, 1978) was an American stage, radio, film and television comedian, singer and actor. It's a simple matter! He died in 1947, in Canada, at the age of 66. . After Jack is freed from the effects of the WYK mind control and other conditioning, he finally comes face-to-face with Fontaine in Point Prometheus. came to an abrupt halt when he left for London and the Royal Academy of Despite this, he seems to imply at the end of BioShock when fighting him that he sees Jack as a surrogate son, but his view on Jack being his "family" is distorted due to Fontaine's consistent inability to care for anyone but himself, further proven by molding Jack into a brainwashed sleeper agent who Fontaine was eager to kill once he outlived his usefulness. He was born in Hamilton, Ohio on September 17, 1932, the son of Alfred T. and Josephine (Hauss) Fontaine. And now, I'm jake to take her out for a spin!Fontaine flaunts his new strength from ADAM before running away from Jack. You were my ace in the hole, but you were also the closest thing I ever had to a son. Save before entering the elevator and go inside. Felix Molloy, The Rapture Family Aliases He is the focus of the Need to Know Theater film "Taking the Taint Out of Fontaine", which condemns his criminal business practices, explains his recent death, and the reason Ryan is now running his company, Fontaine Futuristics. Every time Fontaine returns to his machine after fighting and being damaged, Jack can extract the ADAM out of him with a Little Sister's needle, weakening him. Lonnie | His television and stage plays The Great Bergen, The Monster, The Great Symphonic Adventure, The Inquest and Others, have been produced by the CBC. Frank Fontaine was a Aries and was born in the Generation Alpha. Her indignant ramblings tipped him off about the involvement of Ryan's business, Seaworthy Construction. Indian Summer; Foreign Objects; Nurenberg; and Maurice Richard. Appears in In the same room, if Elizabeth examines a syringe on a table, she will have a vision of the future showing her Fontaine in the ending of the first BioShock, when the spliced-up crime boss is swarmed and killed by the Little Sisters who drain him of the ADAM he needs to survive. "[8][9] Although he never spliced before the events of BioShock, he admits at one point that he had used cocaine and heroin.[10]. His wife is Alma Clair Wakeham (17 August 1937 - 4 August 1978) ( his death) ( 11 children) Frank Fontaine Net Worth His net worth has been growing significantly in 2020-2021. Fraternal Order of the Raven | Alright, alright! He went right to work as an allpurpose singerdancercomedian in Boston area supper clubs. His father, Ray Fontaine, of French-Canadian descent, was a popular vocalist whose career in Canada resulted in his being compared to Bing Crosby. Greg Baldwin (BioShock)Karl Hanover (BioShock 2,Burial at Sea - Episode 2), (BioShock)Karl Hanover (BioShock 2,Burial at Sea - Episode 2), Frank Fontaine is one of the primary antagonists in BioShock. Freeze him with. Frank Fontaine was born on the 19th of April, 2020. He arrived in Andrew Ryan's city of Rapture sometime in 1948 and founded Fontaine Fisheries. . Never spliced up once the whole time I was down here in this aquarium. The only mistake we ever made is not playing the big man's game. Frank Fontaine Age & Birthday. I don't even want to see him WALKIN'!Fontaine sends Security Bots to kill Jack. The cards are stacked. And all that tragedy in Jack Ryan's life was caused by Fontaine taking him in, a . In one of his Audio Diaries, Fontaine complains to Suchong that drinkable Plasmids cost more ADAM than their injectable counterparts, and was an utterly impractical concept.[16]. Fontaine's face in the Fontaine Futuristics logo. Set Proximity Mines and gas cans near any gasoline, and be certain to avoid those areas when fighting Fontaine afterwards. Yi Suchong | Consider it your legacy.Fontaine promises to kill Tenenbaum and the rest of the Little Sisters once he kills Jack. I BROUGHT YOU HERE, I SHOWED YOU WHO YOU ARE! What do you plan on going back to? Your phony dreams? On the commentary of The Simpsons (1989) Season Five DVD, the show writers admit that Barney Gumble was based in part on Fontaine's Crazy Guggenheim. Brigid Tenenbaum had previously explained that ADAM forces the body into dependency, with progressive mental and physical degeneration, and an accelerating need for more ADAM. Fontaine reemerged as "Atlas," a fisherman, proletariat hero, and family man, his original voice now covered by a heavy Irish accent. What the hell were you thinking?! Shake a leg, now. With no other way out, "Atlas" activated his sleeper agent, Jack. Reed Wahl | If you are going to edit a lot, then make yourself a user and login. Every time Ryan turns up the heat, I know I'm a little bit closer to beatin' him at his own game. Jeremiah Fink | Francis C "Frank" Fountaine was born in month 1853, at birth place, Iowa. HURRY NOW! While under his Atlas persona and in BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea, he was voiced by Karl Hanover. He comes from an average dysfunctional family. Again relating to Objectivist philosophy. Where's me Ace in the Hole?Elizabeth: I don't know. That stuffed shirt Ryan? Fontaine - Mother's Milk, Ken Levine on BioShock: The Spoiler Interview, The Fukertons Exclusive interview with the voice of Frank Fontaine: Greg Baldwin, "BioShocks Atlas Speaks. He began his college education at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. but that came to an abrupt halt when he left for London and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. I got ADAM flowin' into me, kid. Fontaine then knocks Jack to the floor, very weak and almost falling, Fontaine contemplates what a family is before he tries to kill Jack, however a Little Sister comes behind him and stabs Fontaine, Fontaine manages to get her off, but she signals for more Little Sisters, the Little Sisters then bombarde Fontaine before stabbing him with their needles and sucking out his ADAM, explained by Tenenbaum, the body becomes desperate for ADAM, to the point it needs ADAM to survive, with the Little Sisters draining him of his ADAM, and too weak to get back to the machine to refuel his ADAM, Fontaine's body just couldnt survive, leading to his demise. Frank enjoyed various sports dancing and tennis, but had fond memories of . Edward Grimes | . Frank Fontaine is a well known Comedian. The inmates there find Elizabeth unconscious and capture Sally. The Saturnine | There's about, a bit over a quarter of an inch of bone, between the pick and your pre-frontal lobe. Frank Fontaine (April 19, 1920 - August 4, 1978) was an American stage, radio, film and television comedian, singer and actor. He began his college education at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. but that came to an abrupt halt when he left for London and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He also serves as the main antagonist of the prequel novel BioShock: Rapture, as well as one of its main POV characters. I must confess, I'm becoming a wee bit skeptical.Elizabeth: Remind me: why am I supposed to care?Atlas: You see, me lads have taken a keen thirst for ADAM. Fontaine will also call Security Bots down on the player in this form. Once the prison rises to Rapture, Atlas breaks their deal by having his men capture her, ordering Lonnie to find what she knows about the "Ace in the Hole". [7], Fontaine is best known for his appearances on television shows of the 1950s and 1960s, including The Jack Benny Program, The Jackie Gleason Show, The Tonight Show, and The Ed Sullivan Show. Get Started. Like the ones cast by Houdini Splicers, these can be caught with Telekinesis and thrown back, but only do minimal damage. We'll discuss this like men. Frank Fontaine. Frank Fontaine was born in the year 1920 when the great depression was beginning. During the story, Atlas becomes aware of Elizabeth speaking to herself, but helps her when she needs to obtain the Old Man Winter plasmid to act as a heat sink. Ray Lardner, Fontaine Fisheries GRAB RYAN'S GENETIC KEY, NOW WOULD YOU KINDLY PUT IT IN THAT GOD DAMN MACHINE? Atlas: If you don't mind me askin', love: why are you talkin' to nobody? Frank Fontaine was born in Montreal and raised in New York State and England. Set Trap Bolts at the sides of the arena to stop any incoming Splicers. Water pool at the back wall (with Electric Buck). 1920 Frank Fontaine was born on April 19, 1920 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. He- HEY, HEY, HEY! But you, love you mean the worldAtlas captures Elizabeth once she gets Housewares to float back up to Rapture with the Lutece Particle. 'Fore I knew it, I was calling myself "Atlas" and leading an army. His death was faked, allowing Fontaine to escape punishment for his crimes, and giving Ryan and Rapture false hope that their enemy was dead. This fails as Lonnie gives her a high dose of the truth serum, causing her to fall into a coma for two weeks. Gilbert Alexander | But I don't expect it'll take a few more of those to reach the meat. Place of Death Use the Grenade Launcher and the Crossbow against him. [citation needed] In the live show, Lehrer mentioned National Make-Fun-of-the-Handicapped Week, "Which Frank Fontaine and Jerry Lewis are in charge of, as you know". He gives her a radio so he can keep in contact. Two days before his 17th birthday, he married his childhood sweetheart, Alma Clair Wakeham, and moved to Medford. Atlas orders his men to kill Elizabeth, but she convinces him she can get them all back to Rapture, and strikes a bargain for her life and Sally's. When Frank Fontaine was born in 1881, his father, Davidicus John Fontaine, was 38 and his mother, Angeline Parent, was 42. Seems like Mother Goose has been playing around in your egg salad. There was a time when I cared about politics, but it's just an excuse men use to kill one another. Waits until we're almost out, and then he pulls the string! - IMDb Mini Biography By: The mug's right behind me! Early years and personal life Born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Fontaine came from a family of entertainers. Now keep on moving we're gonna have to get you to higher ground Take a deep breath and step out of the Bathysphere. Share your family tree and photos with the people you know and love. When Ryan discovered the criminal arm of Fontaine's enterprises, he saw Fontaine's smuggling operations as a serious threat to Rapture, as such activity might reveal the city's location to surface dwellers. Browse 1,067,846 frank fontaine,jr stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. Man can't walk away from a long con like that.Fontaine tries to justify conning Rapture for twelve years. He is a ruthless, exploitative, and manipulative sociopath, who much of Rapture's criminal underworld was terrified of. Sander Cohen | His original voice remained, covered for with a heavy Irish accent. [Speaking as Atlas] New face. All I need do is insert this pick into your eye, with just a few taps with me hammer! Frank E. Fontaine. In 1946, Gorland conned a bar owner named Harv Merton into signing a contract with "Hudson Loans" to pay off gambling debts. He was an actor, known for Hit Parade of 1951 (1950), The Jackie Gleason Show (1966) and The Jack Benny Program (1950). Frank Joseph Fontaine, Sr: Poorhouses and breadlines? [5], The new Frank Fontaine began sending flattering letters to Ryan with each shipment of fish his men delivered to Rapture. Aline Mosby. Two nights later, Gorland met Fontaine on one of his former boats for the final payment. Even when Fontaine's empire began to compete with his own, he merely admonished Fontaine's detractors, who complained of ADAM's side effects, to "offer a better product". You lookin' to slug it out?! Sivoney") who asked Benny for a dime for a cup of coffee. Silvoney. You know what I'm sayin'? His mother performed as a dancer, and he had a brother who also . Male [Atlas kicks a radio over to Elizabeth] In case I need to get hold a' ya. However, Fontaine used it as a front for smuggling and selling contraband items from the surface. Plasmid as well as the chemical thrower equipped with napalm would be the perfect choice for fighting Fontaine in ice form.
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