If these was one man to follow on Twitter, my vote would go to the legendary Rich Eisen. Mr. Allens rapier wit has obviously eluded you for a brief moment. You're likely to get a big kick out of his tweets. Good usage of both historical precedent and numbers to form and/or supplement his arguments. He was middleweight champion of the world after stopping Englishman Alan Minter on cuts with a TKO at 1:45 of the third round at Wembley Arena. Loved the fact that he could really master the but, after all, its just a game air without getting pompous about it (Hello to the Toy Department referencers out there!). I also liked tim horgan. The Globe has as proud a history in sportswriting as any paper in the country, from the aforementioned Gammons to Ryan to Montville to MacMullan. He also loves his mom, which is a great thing. We won, but you didnt lose, Steinbrenner told the Boston players. It was the final crescendo to a season in which the Red Sox and Yankees, two historical rivals, ended with identical records. It set the stage for Kevin Garnetts (pictured) Anything is possible! yell after winning the. I still can see him vaulting over the dasher, heading for open ice, taking a pass from the corner, and scoring the shocking goal that capped off the Miracle on Ice. Former Boston Globe sports writer and foreign correspondent Steve Fainaru, now with the Washington Post, received the International Reporting Pulitzer for his stories on private security contractors in Iraq. Patriots beat reporter and writer for the @BostonGlobe. interesting angles. The Celtics proud franchise was in the midst of an NBA championship drought. It appeared the series would be tied at 2 when the Lakers took an 18-point halftime lead in Game 4 in Los Angeles. Id like to create a list of the best all-time sports columnists here in Boston. james.mcbride@globe.com . Its good to have him back from the national beat. He was one of the best baseball writers on the Herald. Granted, some promising young guys coming up in new mediums, but the shoes are very large to fill. Thats the way I went into this fight. Quotes were the chief information-dispensing device of other NBA writers. In the playoffs against Oakland, the Patriots famously got robbed (at least according to anyone with Boston blood) when Sugar Bear Hamilton was called for roughing the passer. Of course, you're likely to get complaints about the quality of looks at the Playboy Mansion, but it is definitely worth it for the NFL business information you'll receive. I loved Ernie Roberts column, especially his Thoughts While Shaving segment. He's easily their top analyst, even though the information he gives seems a little far off at times. Comcast Sports hasnt made the same effort that WEEI has to establish relevancy, and because Comcast competes with other media outlets McAdams ability to make relevant market media appearances is limited. Austen Lake did pretty well after joinging the sports beat from being a straight type columnists. How about John Gilloly(sp) or Huck Finnegan or Bob Coyne (cartoonist). Lynn hit a liner toward the right field corner, which, if it had begun the long run around the corner, would have scored at least two runs. Clockwise from left: Marvin Hagler; Dave Cowens and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; a crowd; Kevin Garnett; the 1980 Miracle on Ice; and Dave Roberts' iconic steal. Theres no question. Then, after carefully making a point to praise the work of his own baseball writers, he added, Its like in sportsyoure going to lose some games. Although his staff has shrunk overall in recent years, Sullivan has increased the number of reporters on the marquee Patriots and Red Sox beats from two to three each. Constructs arguments rather than arguing opinions. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. When the team added stars Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to go along with Paul Pierce before the 2007-08 season, there was suddenly hope to hang up banner No. Today, the papers sports section remains synonymous with Ryan, now semiretired, and his fellow columnist Dan Shaughnessy. He's always got more inside information than anyone else, and he's also able to add a wealth of information to the draft and scouting of prospects. Find breaking sports news on baseball, football, basketball, hockey . Accepting at face value his contention that beat writers dont root for teams, its nevertheless unreasonable to expect that they dont root for people on those teams. With the bases loaded and two out in the bottom of the sixth, Thurman Munson signaled for a slider down and in on Fred Lynn. His media outlet, meanwhile, has its share of technology issues, from frequent bad links from Twitter to mobile redirection issues. Clif Keane - Boston Globe Larry Claflin - Boston Record/American/Herald Harold Kaese - Boston Transcript Austen ''Duke'' Lake - Boston American Bob Ryan - Boston Globe Will McDonough - Boston Globe Tim Horgan - Boston Herald Dave Egan - Boston Record Dan Shaughnessy - Boston Globe Ray Fitzgerald - Boston Globe Leigh Montville - Boston Globe On the eve of the game, we sat on the beach and Russ played songs hed learned growing up in Hawaii. I swear that is a real article on that website. Leaving them off this list would be like leaving pumpkin pie off a list of the best desserts in the world. McDonough and Gammons for super inside knowledge. (Businesses: Want to donate a prize and get mentioned? If thats what you like reading, enjoy. I mean, seriously? The BU grad is the Boston Bruins beat writer for the Boston Globe sports section. I made these my referee and judges, Hagler said, holding up his two fists. Michael, his mother scolded him when her son emerged to board the team bus, youre gonna give me a heart attack.. Occasionally over-rotates, a la Olney, on human interest stories. I had the pleasure of reading him for a couple of decades. Right Bruce? If you happen to be a big fan of the New York Giants, Ralph Vacchiano should be your main man. Will McD gets the nod here. Meanwhile, Texans running back Arian Foster fell into the columnists trap, using Twitter to call attention to Shaughnessys trolling foolishness. The worst of the worst? Like Murray Chass and other traditionalists, Cafardo is aggressively old school, with his antipathy towards modern analysis regularly on display. A professional sportswriter should be speaking to the talk show callers rather than arguing as one of them, in other words. I finally unfollowed Abraham on Twitter because I didnt really want to read about Yankees on a Boston beat writers Twitter feed. Joseph Lipchitz named managing partner at Saul Ewing in Boston February 22, 2023 at 4:59 p.m. Attorney Joseph Lipchitz, a former military prosecutor and ace media lawyer, has been named. He has all the who, what, where and hows of the draft, and is always up for some quality draft talk. Bob Ryan The next bearer of Ray Fitzgerald's mantle. Yes, because nothing plays better to the masses than inside jokes about their favorite multi-sport, multi-media columnist, beat writer and radio star. ), Automattician. His analysis is always spot on, he never jumps to conclusions and is generally one of the nicest individuals you could follow on twitter. The first is that he knows what he is talking about. Chad Finn tells us that Massarotti is no dummy, and I believe that. Good God. As I stood beside him on that February night, it occurred to me: This guy might be pretty special. Players love him, fans love him and other journalists love him. If youre a halfway decent beat writer in this town, said Mike Felger, cohost of the afternoon show on The Sports Hub and a CSNNE anchor, youll get on Comcast, or NESN, or Sports Hub, or EEI., Felger, of course, should know. While Ralph Mancini specializes in NFL draft coverage, he still has a great sense of the league as a whole. The US hockey team was about to play the Soviet Union in the Olympics but their countrymen seemed ready to go to war. Likewise, a bit more depth of metrics in the Buchholz vs Wakefield decision would have benefited his analysis. The playoff run was tougher than the teams 66 regular-season wins might have suggested. Adam Caplan has a wide range of knowledge concerning every team in the NFL. He also mentioned Ray Fitzgerald (I think) holding up a note in the press box during the 8th inning of Game 6 of the 1975 World Series, with two men on and two outs and the pitchers spot due up, that had the words Bernie Carbo scribbled on it, and then he said both of them nodded at each other from across the room. is quite exciting to keep tabs on. Cheesy to reply to your own message, but for Ryans most emblematic column, Id pick I-saiah. I miss reading her. Hes an exception on this list because he covers all of the major teams, not just the Red Sox, but hes included because I value his thoughts on the team. Feel free to include any stories or reasons why you feel the way you do about your list. Reporters will almost universally argue that it does, but what they typically dont address is how much of the need to report it is driven by frustration with or dislike for the player at issue. He deserved world wide aclaim If you want to know about the "what-ifs" and "coulda-beens," the ESPN Rumor Central has all you need. I think that a lot of the anti-Gammo backlash stems from his post-writing career. He has a fantastic sense of humor and is fearless about taking shots at whoever deserves it. Sat morning Globe was a must read because of his Sports Page 1 columns on the left. Dave Cowens and the Celtics outlasted Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the Milwaukee Bucks in the 1974 NBA Finals. Strengths: Tomase shows some creativity, rather than just rehashing news that has already been covered by one of the dozen other media members in market. He's a highly respected journalist. He was that good. . While Dan Wetzel covers every sport for Yahoo! Dave Cowens was renowned for his intensity, but he played with particular passion in Game 7 of the 1974 NBA Finals versus the Milwaukee Bucks because he felt he had let his team down with a 5-for-19 showing in a losing Game 6. Jerry Remy hit a rope in his direction; Burleson respected Piniellas baseball guile and held at second, minimizing the damage. One thing worth noting that Ive always appreciated from Edes has been his respect for the privacy of the players. I wanted to talk about what a bitter pill it was, Lucchino recalled months later. The 2004 Red Sox never lost another game. Strengths: A versatile reporter adequately conversant in modern baseball statistics, one with contacts that bridge the traditionalist / new school divide in front offices. He's honest and stays true to his opinions. #ada-button-frame { Turd one would think that this was Bruces attempt at playing to the masses after last week but you just never know. Last updated: May 21 2021 This crossword clue Former Boston Globe writer who was voted the #1 Female Sportscaster of all time: 2 wds. But at least Cafardos consistent. I think he is worthy of the best. So, a focused Cowens responded with a stellar 28-point, 14-rebound game as the Celtics prevailed, 102-87. We dont need our writers to root for the Sox, but it would be nice if they didnt actively encourage Yankee fans. As a result, the list of young, talented sports reporters who have moved on from Boston media grows longer every year: There's the NHL executive Chris Snow (the Globe ), the NFL Network's Ian. One of Ray Fitzgeralds best columns had nothing to do with sports, but was about his daughter recieving a doctorate degree. Remains rational and grounded, which history and his peers tell us is difficult. More perhaps than any of the other writers on this list, Abraham gets the difference in tone between traditional outlets and blogs. Respect for the profession of sportswriting, then, I do not lack. Russ Lande is another NFL draft guy, and he may be one of the most well respected ones of the bunch. Chris Mortensen has been around the league for a long time which makes him a wealth of information. Borges, a Globe sportswriter for 24 years who was named Massachusetts Sportswriter of the Year four times and is a regular guest on a local sports radio station, was also barred from broadcast. For those that love combining pop culture and the NFL, you'll likely enjoy following a man like Jason McIntyre. The NFL Twitter account of the world's greatest sports website (too much?) Case in point, his recently launched Minor Details podcast. However, when you need a good break from your day and need to know if Tom Brady was mentioned more than Eli Manning on SportsCenterlast week, Deadspin is the place to go. Egan, who was nastier than Borges without the knowledge. There had been four previous winners from the Boston chapter of the BBWAA: Peter Gammons,. Matthew Berry is Mr. Fantasy Football for ESPN. TV, radio, and the Internet all have a big presence in the media landscape. If there is any doubt, Ray Fitz wrote the two greatest columns in the history of marathons. I think he does, and so do you. Now there was a stylist. He knows everything there is to know about the Giants and tweets about them constantly. And an honorary mention of Will Mc. For being such a respected writer, King has quite the sense of humor on Twitter. What made the game special for me was the local angle four of the players were from Boston University. The playoff run was tougher than the teams 66 regular-season wins might have suggested. June 24, 2021 at 11:36 a. Okay, I'm kidding about that last part, but Eisen is definitely the best when it comes to Twitter. Always made at least one good point in his columns, something that rarely happens these days. Strengths: Edes doesnt let his ego get in the way of the story, which can be a rarity in this market. Will McDonough and I flew with the team and often played racquetball with the players. Will Mc in by a landslide. Globe staff 1. I still can see him vaulting over the dasher, heading for open ice, taking a pass from the corner, and scoring the shocking goal that capped off the. He is easily the least well known of all sportswriters on this list, but he absolutely deserves to be followed on Twitter. And I write for a living. Im sorry, but leaving him off is like leaving Lawrence Olivier off a Best Actors list because he only did Shakespeare, really.. His wit and snark and brutal honesty had my attention from the first column. It was inside baseball before there was inside baseball: the behind the scenes of major trades, the trends shaping the game, insights on players never before even whispered. He's. For my part, Ive always appreciated the measured tone which hasnt, for the most part, been impacted by the impatience and urgency of Red Sox Nation. He'll sometimes appear to be swayed by the media, but he sticks to his guns and gives great information about draft prospects on his Twitter account. Its little things like his dispatches from airports that allow readers to identify with him in ways that they cant with traditional beat writers, whose columns and even blog entries are typically sanitized and overedited. You never get this with Edes, which is a bonus as far as Im concerned. Diversity of responsibilities writer, radio host, etc have negatively impacted his quality of coverage. His insight into the actual business of the league (contracts, rules, etc.) One of them was Eruzione, the teams irrepressible captain. There are two things that I really like about Evan Silva on Twitter. The newspaper said Cafardo had an embolism Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019, and Red Sox medical staff was unable to revive him. When it comes to the world of NFL, Eisen is as respected as they come. In case it wasnt already apparent, this is a focus on Boston market writers. To this day, I remember it. Since he was one of the best to ever play the game, he has loads of knowledge about what really goes on inside the world of the NFL. Marring this reputation, if only slightly, was an incident last season in which Okajima essentially ducked commentary following an ugly appearance, which is reportedly his custom. The mood on Main Street outside the Lake Placid arena that afternoon in 1980 was defiant, almost militant. Hes got the talent to do the job, clearly, but is either unable or unwilling to reconsider his perspectives in light of new teachings. Im 56 so that explains why I pick Roberts. I once interviewed him for my high school newspaper, in about 1966. very nice guy. Another Pulitzer winner with New England ties is Washington Post business columnist Steven Pearlstein, who won for commentary. And if I must say so myself, his work generally turns out rather awesomely. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. One of the best things I've seen on Twitter happened by Bowen after Ricky Williams retired. Gregg Rosenthal has been in the world of the NFL for quite some time and as such, he provides great insight. I thought she brought the human interest angle into her columns. The primary goal for reporters seems no longer to be merely producing great and interesting work. Since columnist Michael Holley left the paper for a radio gig at WEEI eight years ago, its hard to think of a single distinctive voice the paper has developed and held on to. But Bostons defense limited the Lakers to 33 points in the second half and they took a 3-1 lead. The following is a partial list of sports writers. What more could you ask? She's covered the New England Patriots, the Boston Celtics. It sounds absurd looking back, it was!
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